Memorandum: How non-party stakeholders can use COP23 to highlight opportunities to step up ambition in 2018

2018 will be a critical year to step up climate ambition. The groundswell of climate
action by non-party stakeholders creates opportunities for national governments to harvest the
experience, resources, and achievements of non-party stakeholders to enhance their own
ambition. At COP23, non-party stakeholders can signal their interest to identify such opportunities for parties over the coming year.

Key points:

  1. 1. 2018 is a critical year to step up climate action. COP23 is an important opportunity for non-party stakeholders to prepare for success and signal their intent for 2018 to parties.
  2. Climate action at COP23 will be structured around demonstrating progress, highlighting ambitious action and success stories, and identifying new opportunities for action.
  3. “New opportunities” should come in two forms: 1) new, improved, and scaled up commitments by non-party stakeholders; and 2) opportunities for national governments to work with non-party stakeholders to enhance NDCs.

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