Memorandum: How non-party actors can strengthen the technical examination process in 2018 and beyond

The technical examination meetings have not lived up to their potential, but including non-party stakeholders more fully can reinvigorate them. Earlier planning, consultation with nonparty stakeholders, and better linkages with the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action can improve the technical examination process in 2018 and beyond.

Key points

  1. The Technical Expert Process and Technical Expert Meetings (TEMs) can become more effective by leveraging the expertise and experience of cities and other sub-national jurisdictions, businesses, and other actors in climate action.
  2. Because many non-party actors in developed and developing countries have taken ambitious climate actions, their experience can provide critical lessons for countries seeking to implement current NDCs and develop future NDCs
  3. Consulting with non-party actors in the planning of the TEMs can allow their expertise to be captured more effectively. Better coordination of the TEMs with the Marrakech Partnership is needed to deliver this opportunity.
  4. The 2018 Facilitative Dialogue creates additional urgency for a robust technical examination process, to which non-party actors can make a valuable contribution.

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