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Catalyzing climate action for resilient development

Bonn, Germany | June 5, 2015

Deutsches Institut Fur Entwicklungspolitik, German Development Institute

On June 5, 2015, the Galvanizing the Groundswell coalition convened a group of approximately 30 experts in climate action, for a discussion of the ways non- and sub-state climate action can be strengthened in developing countries. In particular, these conversations sought to identify: (1) opportunities for new climate action and resilient development; (2) the barriers to catalyzing new climate action, as well as strategies for overcoming them; and (3) opportunities for governments and the international process to support the groundswell in developing countries.  

The stakes for the growth of the groundswell of climate action in the Global South remain incredibly high. Bolstering both adaptation and mitigation-focused responses to climate change can help safeguard the development progress that has been made over the past decades. Drawing more attention and support to the activities occurring in developing countries can also help attract investment, the transfer of technology, and the building of capacity. By shifting to a low-carbon pathway development pathway, Global South has an opportunity to “leapfrog” the unsustainable approaches taken by developed countries

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