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Workshop: NAZCA platform consultation

Geneva, Switzerland | February 6-7, 2015

Villa Rigot, Graduate Institute Geneva, Avenue De La Paix 9

At COP20, the UNFCCC Secretariat and Peruvian Government launched the Non-state Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) platform, an online tool to showcase and aggregate climate action by cities, companies, states and regions, and other actors from around the world. The creation of NAZCA Platform signaled the solidification of the essential role of non-state and sub-national actors alongside nation-states.

This workshop met to discuss and produce a series of recommendations on the development and guiding principles of NAZCA. The recommendations focused on clarifying NAZCA's communication strategy and audience, along with addressing questions surrounding seven key action areas: defining criteria for the inclusion of International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs) from the Climate Initiatives Database into NAZCA; determining criteria for highlighting especially noteworthy actions within NAZCA; enabling and showcasing data analysis on NAZCA; expansion of NAZCA; identifying functionalities that could be sought in the next phase of NAZCA Platform; following up on the outcomes of the initiatives and actions listed in NAZCA; and refining the platform's relationship with the UNFCCC process.

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