Summary of responses to consultation on the future of Global Climate Action in the UNFCCC

How should the UNFCCC process engage with the groundswell of climate action after 2020?

Galvanizing the Groundswell of Climate Actions has consulted individuals involved in the Marrakech Partnership and its precursors (e.g. the 2014 UNSG summit, the Lima-Paris Action Agenda) to help the climate action community organize its thinking about this important question. We asked individuals to reflect on lessons learned from past experiences, and also to think ahead for what arrangements would be most effective in the future.

The consultation was conducted in parallel to the Champions’ invitation to Parties and non-Parties to reflect on the lessons learned from past experiences. However, this exercise was different and complementary in two ways. First, it was conducted anonymously, to encourage frank feedback. Second, it was sent only to individuals who have been directly involved in global climate action work, and represents their personal reflections, not organizational viewpoints.

This summary attempts to capture the range of ideas offered. It is intended in the spirit of constructive brainstorming, and will doubtless be enriched as the conversation continues.

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