How Criteria Can Strengthen the Global Climate Action Agenda

To succeed in its goal of delivering urgent climate action and inspiring further ambition, the Action Agenda must be credible. A clear and robust set of principles and criteria are critical to understanding the commitments and progress of cooperative initiatives, building confidence among actors and ensuring that the Action Agenda effectively contributes to closing the mitigation, adaptation, and means of implementation gaps.

While the core principles of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) apply across all areas of climate action, they should be refined with clear criteria and indicators that are tailored to the different areas of climate action.

This memo suggests an initial set of principles and criteria that directly builds on the ones used for the LPAA, and an inclusive yet clear process for initiatives to be recorded in the NAZCA portal, to join the Global Climate Action Agenda (GCAA) and/or to be featured at the High Level Event, where the most effective actions that are at the cutting edge of transformation to a low-carbon and climate- resilient society are to be showcased.

This memo also proposed options for how the the high-level champions can apply the principles and criteria in order to determine which initiatives and commitments could be featured at the High-Level Event.

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