Middelgrunden windmills outside Copenhagen. Photo credit: Andreas Klinke Johannsen.

With the support of USAID/Tanzania through the Scaling Up Conservation And Livelihoods Efforts (SCALE) program, the African Wildlife Foundation has been working with communities in northern Tanzania - around the Kolo Hills - to reverse trends in deforestation and forest degradation. This work involves supporting women's groups as they grow native trees from seedlings and distribute them area-wide for planting. Photo credit: African Wildlife Foundation.

USAID is supporting the electrification of rural schools in Afghanistan, through projects like the Afghanistan Clean Energy Program (ACEP). ACEP created a 2 kW solar-powered system to provide power to the Shaheed Mahmoodi High School in Band-e Amir National Park in Bamiyan Province, benefitting its 621 male and female students. Here Afghan technicians are finishing installation and testing of the solar array. Photo credit: Robert Foster, Winrock International.

The Pacific Southwest Region of the US Forest Service manages 20 million acres of National Forest land in California and assists the State and Private forest landowners in California, Hawaii and the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands. Eighteen national forests are located in this region. Photo credit: Photo by USFS Region 5.

Urban garden. Photo credit: Sustainable UMD.

A knowledge wall created by scribes during the World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment. The scribes (graphic facilitators) captured key ideas and themes that emerged over the course of the 3 days and brought the elements together into one picture. This illustration is approximately 15 feet long and was captured in real time over the course of the three days. Photo credit: The Value Web.