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Preparatory Workshop for Alliances and Coalitions Global Forum

RABAT, MOROCCO | 1:00 - 4:30 PM, JUNE 22, 2016


The objective of the workshop was to engage in a preparatory dialogue on cross cutting issues of the global climate Action Agenda in order to make the discussions during the first meeting of the Alliances and Coalitions Global Forum as successful as possible. The workshop focused on themes that complement and support the discussions taking place at the Forum. The primary emphasis was on defining criteria or characteristics that successful initiatives share, and how such criteria might be used in the various are of the Action Agenda, including the COP High-level Event, NAZCA, etc.

In this context, the discussion introduced some concepts regarding institutional arrangements for the Action Agenda, including: (a) the ways in which initiatives, non-Party stakeholders, and other actors can play an effective role in supporting the strategic direction and workings of the Action Agenda; and (b) the practical staffing and resource requirements required to support effective climate action through the Action Agenda. Finally, the workshop considered tracking of the delivery of pledges from non-Party stakeholders and initiatives.