Galvanizing the Groundswell of Climate Actions (GGCA) is a series of open dialogues that aims to bring the groundswell of climate actions from cities, regions, companies, and other groups to a higher level of scale and ambition.


Its objectives include:

  • Increasing efficient coordination among cooperative initiatives and sub- and non-state networks.
  • Improving analysis and understanding of “bottom up” climate actions.
  • Building a positive narrative of pragmatic, concrete action on climate change.
  • Identifying opportunities for the groundswell of climate actions and the intergovernmental negotiations process to support and catalyze each other.

Over the past year, GGCA has brought together city and regional networks, company networks, cooperative initiatives, governments, international organizations, and researchers to discuss and advance these objectives. By convening the community of actors that make up and support the groundswell of climate actions, GGCA seeks to realize the full potential of this extraordinary innovation in global governance.

GCCA is organized under three primary workstreams: Data & Analysis, Action Agenda and Climate & Sustainable Development.

For details on the GGCA Steering Committee membership, please click here.